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Archery Deer:

We have decided to start to hunt archery as an answer to our many requests from hunters to do an archery hunt with us. We have only been doing archery hunting for a short time, compared to our rifle hunts! Dakota Trophy has hundreds of references from our rifle hunters.  Our deer have barely been hunted with archery equipment and thus we do get some great trophies as well as high success for fair chase archery hunts.

Archery hunts are based on a base price with trophy fees attached. We charge a flat rate for the hunt, covering lodging, meals, guiding and availability of game. Trophy fees will be paid for an animal killed or wounded. By doing trophy fees we feel that you aren’t going to take a marginal or “iffy” shot, thus we have less bad hits to worry about and keep you awake all night. Our archery deer hunts are 5-day, semi-guided hunts. We help as much as we can, but more people make more noise, so we generally let you hunt on your own.

Most of the archery hunting is from ground blinds (natural or bale blinds) and elevated blinds along with a few tree stands. The Mule Deer blinds are placed on travel corridors to and from alfalfa hay fields and other crops.  While there are Whitetail that travel these same trails, most of the Whitetail blinds are down on river and creek bottoms also placed for maximum opportunity.

We do take a limited number of hunters to ensure quality of game! This has been our reputation for nearly 50 years!

Archery deer season usually opens the end of September and runs up to the end of the year.  We do not take archery hunters when rifle season is in. Look under the Dates tab to see when the season opens.

Archery Antelope:

Archery antelope season opens around the middle of August (check the Dates tab) and you can hunt deer and antelope on the same trip! You can also hunt deer with a bow and then pursue the antelope with a rifle during rifle antelope season! We do not take very many antelope hunters, but give us a call!

Archery Turkey:

Archery turkey season opens one week before the regular season. It is quite easy to get a turkey with a bow as they are usually hanging around in the corrals after the winter.

If taking a big, old Muley, whitetail, antelope or turkey with a bow is in your plans, please contact us @ Dakota Trophy Adventures and we will assist you.

Call for our archery reference list!

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